const std::string cppmicroservices::service::component::ComponentConstants::SERVICE_COMPONENT

Manifest key specifying the Service Component descriptions.

The attribute value may be retrieved from the cppmicroservices::AnyMap object returned by the Bundle::GetHeaders method.

const std::string cppmicroservices::service::component::ComponentConstants::COMPONENT_NAME

A component property for a component configuration that contains the name of the component as specified in the name attribute of the component element.

The value of this property must be of type std::string.

const std::string cppmicroservices::service::component::ComponentConstants::COMPONENT_ID

A component property that contains the generated id for a component configuration.

The value of this property must be of type unsigned long.

The value of this property is assigned by Service Component Runtime when a component configuration is created. Service Component Runtime assigns a unique value that is larger than all previously assigned values since Service Component Runtime was started. These values are NOT persistent across restarts of Service Component Runtime.

US_ServiceComponent_EXPORT const std::string cppmicroservices::service::component::ComponentConstants::COMPONENT_FACTORY

A service registration property for a Component Factory that contains the value of the.

attribute. The value of this property must be of type

US_ServiceComponent_EXPORT const std::string cppmicroservices::service::component::ComponentConstants::REFERENCE_TARGET_SUFFIX

The suffix for reference target properties.

These properties contain the filter to select the target services for a reference. The value of this property must be of type std::string.

US_ServiceComponent_EXPORT const std::string cppmicroservices::service::component::ComponentConstants::REFERENCE_SCOPE_PROTOTYPE_REQUIRED

Reference scope is prototype_required.

The reference is satisfied only if the service is registered with PROTOTYPE scope. Each component instance receives a distinct service object.

US_ServiceComponent_EXPORT const std::string cppmicroservices::service::component::ComponentConstants::CONFIG_POLICY_IGNORE

Constants used for ComponentMetadata configurationPolicy attribute.