struct cppmicroservices::service::component::runtime::dto::SatisfiedReferenceDTO
#include <cppmicroservices/servicecomponent/runtime/dto/SatisfiedReferenceDTO.hpp>

A representation of a satisfied reference.

Public Members

std::string name

The name of the declared reference.

This is declared in the name attribute of the reference element of the component description.


std::string target

The target property of the satisfied reference.

This is the value of the component property whose name is the concatenation of the declared reference name and ”.target”. This must be empty string if no target property is set for the reference.

std::vector<cppmicroservices::framework::dto::ServiceReferenceDTO> boundServices

The bound services.

Each ServiceReferenceDTO in the vector represents a service bound to the satisfied reference. The vector must be empty if there are no bound services.