class cppmicroservices::BundleResourceStream

An input stream class for BundleResource objects.

This class provides access to the resource data embedded in a bundle’s shared library via a STL input stream interface.

BundleResource for an example how to use this class.

Inherits from cppmicroservices::detail::BundleResourceBuffer, std::istream

Public Functions

BundleResourceStream(const BundleResourceStream&)
BundleResourceStream &operator=(const BundleResourceStream&)
BundleResourceStream(const BundleResource &resource, std::ios_base::openmode mode = std::ios_base::in)

Construct a BundleResourceStream object.

  • resource: The BundleResource object for which an input stream should be constructed.
  • mode: The open mode of the stream. If std::ios_base::binary is used, the resource data will be treated as binary data, otherwise the data is interpreted as text data and the usual platform specific end-of-line translations take place.